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Committed to raising healthy,  productive, and happy animals.
Thistle Thickets Farm
Registered Boer and Oberhasli goats
Our first goats were Alpines: Eevee and Midnight. Eevee became the proud matriarch of our herd, producing sixteen kids in her eight years. After raising Alpines for a few years, we fell in love with Oberhaslis, so we added our first Oberhasli: Treasure. Boers joined the herd a few years later as a separate 4-H project.

Now that 4-H has been outgrown, we have ventured into  more commercial aspects of goat raising and now sell goat meat in addition to goat milk soap and other products.

 Our goats were last tested in 2014 for CAE and CL, and all goats were found to be negative. In 2013, all dairy does were tested negative for tuberculosis, brucellosis, and CAE. Our kids are dam-raised but are routinely cuddled when young so they make for very friendly goats.

When Alicia moved to Florida, she took her goats with her, so now the herd is split between Boyds, Maryland and Panama City, Florida.

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    We raise beautiful registered boer, both percentage and fullblood, as well as oberhasli dairy goats.
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    Goat Milk Soap
    Hand-crafted soap made with milk from our friendly oberhasli goats.
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    Goat Meat
    USDA-inspected frozen pasture-raised goat meat, locally processed.
Goat Milk Soap
Goat Meat
We also have eggs from our happy free-range chickens available!
We have raw goat milk/cheese available for animal consumption from our farm in Florida in limited quantities. Contact florida@thistlethickets.com